Discover  the Tatwah Technology Co., Ltd. world

Tatwah Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a new web site where you will be able to inspire yourself by discovering our RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and IoT product lines.

Explore our ultra low power Bluetooth Low Energy & Quuppa beacon family which has been developed to cover an infinite field of application such as:

  • Screw-on or adhesive Beacon which combines Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC technology optimized to be used for asset, item management and inventory control
  • Smart Card Beacon which has been designed for advanced IoT applications like smart access control, event management, employee badges or for patient monitoring in hospitals
  • Wearable beacon with 2 different keyfob designs and a wristband to optimize geolocation in access control applications

Discover our MANGO® NFC TrusTag solution which redefines and secures interactions between people, products and organizations. Our NFC solution gives a secure, verifiable and automatic access to web content using any mobile device equipped with an Near-Field-Communication (NFC) antenna. This secure access opens many fields of applications such as Product Authentication, database login to restricted group of persons as well as cloud access for selected co-workers, students,…

Widen your knowledge with our complete RFID products offer from ISO card, to keyfob, industrial products,…

Discover the Tatwah Technology Co., Ltd. world