What is the Swiss Factory Backoffice?

  • The factory Backoffice connects customers to factory and increases transparency, provides insights to how and ” why so ” products are made
  • Its role consists of but is not limited to speeding-up the exchange of information, evaluate alternative production concepts, perform value engineering, define testing and follow-up prototyping
  • Moreover, it shall build the bridge to overcome cultural differences between Asia, (where the bulk of credentials are produced) and the western world with it’s specific products, made to demanding specifications

What is The MANGO® Brand ?

The MANGO Logo is recognized as a reference for a wide product portfolio, found all over the world. MANGO stands for good quality RFID tags and Bluetooth® beacons, manufactured and assembled in large volumes under one roof and strictly monitored for fitness to use and customer’s taste.

Popular in Asia, the MANGO brand name is also protected in several countries outside China. Despite observed misuse, the brand stands for trustworthiness when products are procured from authorized parties

Tatwah Technology Co., Ltd. Factory is

  • among the ten largest producers of RFID data carriers with ISO 9001 and 14001 qualifications
  • a horizontally integrated factory (everything under one roof) with about 1’000 employees, dedicated to mass production of products with a fair price
  • a supplier of RoHS and REACH compliant cards and tags to key-accounts with which, against whom the factory does not compete
  • addressing a worldwide public of technically competent customers for RFID credentials who need new and better ” consumables “
  • making more than half of the revenues outside China
  • the owner of the MANGO brand name for its products