tatwah SA

A multidisciplinary RFID team

Who are we?

A multidisciplinary team of

  • experienced, competent engineers in Switzerland, working with a focus on customer orientation and timely reactions
  • people who cover RFID credentials / data carriers from semiconductor through to a wide array of applications with their specific requirements
  • engineers with proven skills in electronics, materials and foremost production processes
  • professionals, conversant with Quality engineering and extensive testing for innovative, state-of-the-art products
  • short ways in communication and decision

What makes us different?

  • a portfolio of reputed customers from medium sized companies to major corporations, active in the field of RFID
  • a highly dynamic interaction between an independent team and a large factory, based on mutual trust and frequent physical presence on the shop-floor to keep abreast with ongoing automation processes, new materials and worldwide trends
  • a loyal and sustainable company policy not to compete with our customers
  • a strong connection with the market and its innovations, trends and developments through an excellent relationship network with key actors in the industry
  • an aim for world-class service and supplies of current and emerging new products

Why work with tatwah SA?

  • over 25 years of experience in the field of RFID
  • true mass production and automation oriented skills and expertise.
  • an all-embracing understanding of RFID usage and production in many applications and regions