Description – Application

The QUUPPA-IT007 SMART BADGE is fully and ready compatible with Quuppa protocol and eco-system and it is designed to full fill all requirements for people flow management, advanced IoT applications like extended access control including micro-payments, event management, employee badges and patient monitoring in hospitals.

Thanks to its ultra-low power consumption, the Smart Badge guaranties un-surpassed battery lifetimes.

Its high precision accelerometer sensor permits to detect any movements, vibrations, shocks or a specific fall. The accelerometer parameters are configurable in order to adjust them to the final needs of the application.

All tag configuration parameters can be updated over-the-air through the back-channel commands.


The QUUPPA-IT007 SMART BADGE can be proposed with a NFC function to provide extra functionalities as registration, access control or micro-payments.

The QUUPPA-IT007 SMART BADGE can be printed using silkscreen or offset technologies.


Quuppa Ready, full compatible

Accelerometer and optional Temperature sensors

Optional additional NFC Forum Tag Type 2 or 5


Quuppa Full Compatible

ISO/IEC15693 (NFC Forum Tag Type 5)

ISO/IEC14443 (NFC Forum Tag Type 2)

Battery Lifetime Up to 2 years depending on the Quuppa tag parameters
Reading Range

More than 75 meters for Quuppa

LOS of 200 meters

Up to 10 cm for the NFC interface

Accelerometer Sensor User-selectable full scales of ±2g / ±4g / ±8g / ±16g and is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 1.6 Hz to 1600 Hz
Dimensions Length : 85.6 mm – Width : 54 mm – Thickness : 5 mm
Material ABS housing & PVC top and bottom sheets
Thermal Properties – 35 to + 50 °C / – 31 to + 122°F
Certificates RoHS & REACH conform. Conflict free sourcing www.conflictfreesourcing.org


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