Description – Application

The Wirepas anchor IT005-AC supports the Wirepas 5.0 stack and it is designed to full fill all requirements for asset tracking, logistics, item management or predictive maintenance use cases.

The device fits perfectly into SMART BUILDING environments for advanced state of the art IT solutions for asset management and people monitoring. Its embeds a low power and high efficient AC/DC converter enabling the possibility to connect the anchor to the 110/240V power installations. With its integrated power supply that device becomes a maintenance free anchor.

The anchor offers an enriched set of features. In effect, it can be configured to operate within Quuppa, iBeacon and/or Eddystone environments.

The NFC Forum Tag type 2 compliant interface permits to parametrize the anchor using a mobile phone App or a PCSC reader.

On top of the parametrization, the NFC functionality offers 32-bit of user’s free memory to store, for example, maintenance data that the Wirepas network could read or update over-the-air (App Config command).

OTAP functionality has been optimized in order to simplify and make the network maintenance easier to deploy.


The INDUSTRIAL WIREPAS ANCHOR-IT005-AC can be proposed with :

  • AC plug
  • Foam adhesive for strong adhesion

The INDUSTRIAL WIREPAS ANCHOR-IT005 can be laser engraved or silkscreen printed.


Wirepas 5.0 stack, Quuppa, iBeacon, Eddystone

ISO/IEC14443-3, NFC Forum Tag Type 2, Mifare Ultra-light emulation


Switch for activation, integrated NFC tag for activation and parametrization


Wirepas  Mesh V5.0



NFC forum type 2


Power Supply Integrated 110/240V
Power Connection Loose cable ~14cm for AC connectors
Reading Range LOS of 200 meters
Dimensions Length : 70 mm – Width : 48.6 mm – Thickness : 22 mm
Material ABS/ PC and Strong industrial proven adhesive for fixation
Thermal Properties 0°C to +40°C / 32°F to +104°F
Chemical Properties IP65 (1m, 24h)
Certificates Bluetooth®, CE, FCC, ISED, RoHS & Reach conform. Conflict free sourcing


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